Bringing Marketing Into the Digital Era

It can often be a struggle to keep up with the rapidly evolving consumer behaviour. Digital marketing operations can bridge the divide between what customers expect and what they get.

What Domain Shall I Select For My Business In Southend?

The domain name of your website should be just as important as the name of your business. Your domain name is the face of your online business.

How To Increase Website Conversions With Inbound Marketing

Would you like more clients, but not sure where to invest your hard earned money to get them? Read this blog to find the most cost effective method of getting new leads and converting them.

3 Biggest SEO Mistakes You May Be Making

With the constant evolution of SEO, it really is very easy to be left behind. Here are a few SEO mistakes that are easy to make, that you can hopefully now avoid.

Does My Website Need Updating?

Your company doesn’t just need a website for online needs a well-designed, easily navigated, engaging website that meets and exceeds the needs of your customers.

According to Stanford University, 75% of people judge the credibility of a company based on the design of its website.

Website design for small businesses: Should I have a contact form?

A contact form is a set of questions put forward on your website which are filled out by visitors with their contact details. It allows you to receive visitor information without having to disclose your email address. Website design for small businesses is a crucial element that contributes to the website's success. One design function to focus on is contact forms.


Contact forms can prove useful on websites for the following reasons:

How do I get my company website found on google?

Getting your website to the top of the Google search engines is the eventual goal for any business website. This quick overview will help you understand what it is Google wants to see on your website and help get you started.

Why are my website leads not converting?

Got leads coming through your website, but they are not converting into paying clients? Only getting one sale off of new clients then not hearing from them about other services? This is a common and very costly mistake for businesses young and old.

Why is my website not bringing in business?

Got a new website or had a website for a while, but no one seems to visit it? Was hoping this was the answer to your marketing issues? This is a common and very costly mistake for businesses both young and old.

New Social Media Platform Updates You Need to Know About

Social media platforms are constantly competing against each other to be the top network. With that it means they are constantly updating and evolving, with their old best practises and previous popular functions becoming fast out-dated.

All you Need to Know about Business Christmas Cards

Should you be sending a Christmas cards to your clients and customers? Yes of course you should!

5 Reasons you Should be Sending Christmas cards to Your Clients

With Christmas just around the corner, we hope that you would have put some thought into sending your clients and customers Christmas cards this year. Whether you or your clients celebrate the holidays during December or not, sending an annual seasons greetings card can go a long in marketing your business.

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