Bringing Marketing Into the Digital Era

It can often be a struggle to keep up with the rapidly evolving consumer behaviour. Digital marketing operations can bridge the divide between what customers expect and what they get.


Your company should be should be fully embracing the digital age, with your team engaging in the digital transformation beyond updating your website every six months. For companies that fail to adopt new technology they will see that they are getting left behind and losing business. Your prospects and customers are researching and buying online, so why aren’t you focusing on marketing to them via digital channels.



Three Steps to Bring Marketing Operations into the Digital Era


Marketers are aware of what needs to be done, and many are taking action. But that often boils down to implementing new technology platforms, adding head count, or increasing digital allocations with the marketing mix. Modern marketing operations call for the thoughtful, deliberate development of new processes, coordination, and governance.


So here are five attributes you should think about for your business to have effective marketing operations.


1. Truly Understand your Customers

 Getting to know your customers well is of course a commitment. Tracking, analysing, and interpreting your consumer behaviour and attitudes should be an on-going element, it is critical to not only targeting and shaping relevant content and experiences but also to optimising how they’re delivered.


Mapping detailed customer decision journeys for your most valuable segments should be an important element of your companies marketing operations. Tracking customers across channels allows you to determine their cross-channel behaviour, as well as isolate their movements where you could influence the journey.


2.Deliver a Superior Experience


If your company delivers a visitor a bad experience, it is likely they will not come back to you and give bad reviews. Delivering a bad user experience can happen at any point within your customers journey, this is why getting the consumer journey right requires getting everything right.


Providing your visitor with a good user experience also comes down to functions such as order management and fulfilment, elements many marketers often forget about. However, the experiences enabled by these back-end elements are fundamental to the way a customer perceives a brands ability to deliver on expectations.



3. Use the Best Metrics to Drive Success


With technology now catching up with marketing, the ability to monitor, track and manage the effectiveness of marketing investments. As companies are becoming more customer-centric, metrics should focus on customer activity rather than simply product or regional activity. Metrics should also reinforce new behaviours and processes, along with delivering insights quickly and in real time so that your business and act quickly.




With consumers becoming increasingly more empowering and sophisticated in the way they make purchases and decisions, it has never been more important to use data to map customers and understand exactly what it is that they want, it should then be your company’s goal to take those insights to develop and deliver a superior customer experience.

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