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21 Ways To Increase The Likes On Your Business’ Facebook Page

The number of likes on your page means a lot more than just a figure. They can revolutionise your facebook page and how effective social media is in your marketing plan. You are using your profile to 1. Promote your brand 2. Humanise your brand 3. Gain Leads, the sky is the limit with Facebook so why not adopt our 21 best practices which will, in turn, make your page likes rise!

  1. Use images - Visual content is a must on your profile timeline, they receive a lot higher engagement scores. The no.1 way of increasing likes is having your content shared, image-based posts are sure to make your current followers hit that share button.
  2. Engaging content - You need engagement in order for your profile to appear on timelines, make sure you to include CTA’s (Calls To Action) in your posts to ensure some sort of engagement; whether that be a like, comment or share.
  3. Use the Facebook Page Plugin - By including this plugin on your blogs you are sure to convince visitors to further their connection with your brand by liking your page.
  4. Engage with other pages - Same way you need engagement with followers, you also need to be seen to engaging with other profiles so that you are not a robotic or spam page.
  5. Utilise your other social media platforms - If you have multiple social media pages why not talk to those followers and guide them to your Facebook. If they like your Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Snapchat etc they will surely like your FB page.
  6. Competition - Everyone loves the opportunity to win something, why not conduct competitions in order to grow your likes. For example, ‘To win an iPad mini, simply like our page, comment your favourite marketing method and why, then share this post!’
  7. 80/20 rule (80% non-promotional content, 20% promotional content) - Social media is a place for informality, users want to see the personal side of your brand. They do not want to follow a purely salesy page, make sure you have balance and are strategic.
  8. Short and sweet posts - Post length is vital. Nobody wants to read a chapter on their timeline (However, this will depend on topic!), make sure to keep it short, sweet and effective.
  9. Humanise your brand - Why not show your followers the behind the scenes, the office dogs, the company lunch, or a funny meme? It does not need to be so corporate all the time.
  10. Use your analytics - Your analytics will guide you to what content performs well. If you see a certain type makes your followers go wild with likes and comments make sure to utilise this!
  11. Facebook ads - The best part of FB is their ad function. You are able to reach SOOOOO many more people than just your followers, you do not need the largest marketing budget to benefit from this feature.
  12. Infographics - Another great visual for followers is an infographic. They can communicate key points without only being text. This type of content will most likely be shared to other profiles too.
  13. Videos - Perhaps even more effective than images alone, so much can be included in a 1-minute video. You do not need a Hollywood team in order to produce high-quality video, all you need is a smartphone and a steady hand!
  14. Use your website - Guide website visitors to your social media, the website should do all the hard work of convincing a potential customer to become a customer.
  15. Join facebook communities - There are plenty of groups on FB which will be in the same industry as you, get your name known! Think of it as a way of developing your position as a thought leader.
  16. Use email to invite likes - Why not send your marketing list an email directing them to your page? If they want to see emails they will most probably want to see your social media.
  17. Consistency is key - If you are rarely posting is there any point of having a page? Your followers are liking your page so that you give them regular content.
  18. Promote your page on all your materials (business cards, leaflets, signs, adverts etc.) - Make sure to shout out your social platforms on all materials.
  19. ‘Flash freebie’ - Spontaneous content and time-limited content will urge followers to act when they can, this sense of urgency will mean they will no choice but to do what the post is asking them to do, e.g. like the post, comment, like the page. You can also provide a reward for doing so, e.g. first 50 comments receive 10% off their next purchase.
  20. Live posting - At an event? LIVE POST, people want to see what you are doing, this will also promote attendance for the next event if it looks like somewhere they need to be.
  21. Page design - Make sure you can clearly see your branding on the entire of your page, even the posts themselves. Try to make it so that if you were to cover the name on the post, the viewers would know it came from you.

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