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Become An Expert At Promoting Your Content


Why is content promotion important?

Content is everywhere and we consume more of it every day. It’s key to engaging with your audience, driving website traffic and helping buyers with purchase decisions. But how do you get your content to the top of the pile?

Create less content and promote more.

When you focus on promoting your content, you move towards creating more considered, high quality content that gets your message across to the right people.

Before we get started let’s look at the two types of content promotion.

Organic content promotion increases your content’s visibility and marketing effectiveness without paying money, examples of this include: Search engine optimisation (SEO), email marketing, word of mouth, promotion events or webinars, and influencer networks. Success with this method relies on consistent development and publishing of content.

Paid content promotion allows you to promote content to a targeted audience group. Benefits of paid promotion include increasing content reach, attracting new audience members, and making more informed marketing decisions. To get started with paid promotion start by testing a small budget for your best performing content. The main options for paid promotion are search engines, industry specialist sites and social media platforms, each option will track your best performing pieces

Tips to be at the top of your game in content promotion:

1. Get organised - Create a content promotion plan that tracks the type of communications you intend to use, schedule publishing dates and times, what platforms you will use and what target audience you will reach.

2. Who are you talking to? - Use segmentation to divide your broad audience into smaller groups based on shared criteria. This results in a specific audience that can be more easily targeted by being sent custom messages. Sending the right message to the right people will dramatically increase the success of your content.

3. Customise your messaging for each channel – Set the tone and general feeling of your message. You should aim to clearly communicate the value of your content, to do this try to include at least three key benefits to include in any promotional material that you create. Your message should also match the distribution channel itself. Social media may allow you be more creative by using GIFS, photos, memes or videos whereas direct promotion through an email will follow a more straightforward format and be personalised to the individual.

4. Try something new and learn from it - Experiment with different content delivery variables. Possible factors to experiment with are the distribution platform, format; time of publishing and using paid promotion or an organic method.

5. Make sure your putting your best foot forward – Optimise your content to achieve maximum progress towards your goals. You should focus on one of three main areas to achieve the best outcome:

  • Reach is the size of your potential audience. To increase your reach, you need to share you content as much as possible and encourage others to engage with and share your content. You could do this by sharing through your email contacts or social networks or by connecting with industry influencers. The key is to always be sharing with new people.
  • Engagement measures the number of interactions with your content, such as likes, comments or shares. To improve engagement, you need to think about your audience is going to interact with your content. Will they be interacting via a desktop or using mobile? What do you want them to do after viewing your content? Creating accessible content with clear action words for each platform used makes it easier and more enjoyable for your audience to engage.
  • Conversation rate will be measured differently depending on what you consider a conversation; these could be views, subscriptions, downloads, trials or purchases. To optimise your conversions, focus on capturing new leads with strong use of links and call to actions.

6. Be patient! – Any new promotional activities you start or changes you make will take time to have an effect.

7. Analyse your results – Take a look at all your promotion channels, do any fall short or exceed your targets? Explore the performance of each channel and the best performing approaches to communicating your message. Based on your new insights, take note of your successes and the things that didn’t work well, incorporate your results into planning and enhancing feature campaign performance.

Remember that every piece of content is a personal invitation for each of your audience members to engage with you. The more effectively you promote, the louder and clearer your message.