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Christmas Email Marketing Ideas That Will ‘Sleigh’ Your Campaign

The Christmas period can really personalise your brand whilst showing off your creativity. The main place that is assumed to be where all of the festivities take place is social media, but email marketing should also be a vital part of your campaign. You are really able to segment your audience and send them unique content that is sure to meet your intended goal. Keep reading to find out some ideas that will ‘sleigh’ your Christmas email marketing campaign!


  1. Pre-Christmas sales

Christmas can be a hard time for some, therefore offer your customers some pre-Christmas sales in order to entice them back in.


  1. Free delivery this Christmas

Although simple, the prospect of free delivery is extremely appealing to customers. Free delivery means one less thing they will need to pay for during the most expensive time of year.


  1. Gift cards with every purchase over ***

This is a great method of upselling. Once your customers have made a purchase, you can entice them back with a gift card that they can then use for another order.


  1. Holiday gift guide

Give your email recipients some inspiration by offering them your holiday gift guide. It could feature bestsellers, new items or best-reviewed products/services- inspire them to make an order with you.


  1. Sample sale

With the end of the year comes a fresh start, allow your business to start off right by allowing all of your old stock, unwanted items or trials to be given to customers. The prospect of reduced items and demos is extremely appealing to your followers.


  1. End of year update, prep for the new year

Give your users an overview of the year and its success, with your plans for the future. Make sure to link the business’ success to how the audience benefit otherwise they may question why they were sent the email.


  1. Holiday hours update

Most companies have a short break over the Christmas period. With every business opening and closing at different times, or even not closing at all, make sure your followers are in the loop!


  1. Naughty or nice list (share with a friend)

Why not randomly segment your audience into a naughty or nice list and share an exclusive offer for each? Commonly addressed at Christmas, the topic of whether you have been naughty or nice in the run-up to the holidays provides some comedic value to your campaign. We advise avoiding sending these emails to customers who have actually been naughty as this could work against your intentions- jolly and positive vibes only.


  1. Gift packages

Those who purchase gifts for friends and family may need to buy multiple items in one go. By offering the opportunity to buy packages (often with a discount applied) it would be highly beneficial to spenders, as well as your business.


  1. Share a Christmas story

You could tell your own Christmas story, or manipulate a well-known classic to fit with your company. You can infiltrate a subtle sales opportunity that reminds recipients of your presence.


  1. Gift ideas

Choosing presents can sometimes be difficult, therefore by providing them with gift ideas you could inspire them to purchase with you.


  1. Competitions

Christmas is the time for giving, right? Why not give back to your customers by offering a competition or giveaway! This could allow you to meet some important marketing goals as well as allowing your audience to feel loved by your brand.


  1. Fundraising

Although we celebrate, it is important to give back to those who cannot afford to have large amounts of celebrations. As a business, it is important to use your brand positioning to help those in need. Not only will those receiving the fundraised money appreciate it, so will your followers as they see you giving back to the community.


  1. Announcements

Have something exciting to scream from the rooftops this festive season? Perhaps something new coming in the new year, new branding, new employees, new website features? Let your audience know about the exciting developments.


  1. Deadlines

With the big day always occurring on the 25th December, it is important to let your customers know when your cut off date is in order to make a purchase and it arrives in time. Every business will have their preferred date, therefore ensure both you and your customers are prepared.


  1. Thank yous

It is best to thank your customers for their involvement with your business, without them you would not be where you are. Make sure to be appreciative of your customers.

Bonus tip: Tie your emails in with your other marketing methods, e.g. social media, landing pages, text messages!


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