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Christmas Website Maintenance: It Is Time To Decorate The… Website!

You have decorated your desk and office to the max, but have you decorated your website? The same way you are enjoying the festivities, so are your site visitors. Continue the Christmas magic by altering your website’s theme and ensure Santa gives you your desired gift… Web traffic! From us to you, we provide you with our top tips to decorating your website.
Give your visitors a Christmas hug

If you have a pop up appear whenever someone enters your site, make sure to make it clear you are following the theme of festive cheer. This pop up should clearly communicate the value you are trying to give to your audience, for example, a discount code or exclusive gift, whilst remaining in the holiday spirit. It is the small details that will make your site become a winter wonderland.
Above the fold festivities

You should ensure the main Christmas indicator is above the fold (the area of the website that appears without needing to scroll down the page). Christmas mainly provokes a feeling of positivity, merriness and joyousness, with more positivity being produced the more likely customers will make a purchase.
Go simple, a Christmas slider

For some businesses, it may not be ideal or preferred to have the Christmas theme throughout the site. Therefore, if you have a slider on the homepage, add a single themed slider to the mix to show you are involved in the holiday. This can showcase products or services that relate to the holidays without being too prominent.
A festive graphic in the corner of your page

Why not add a candy cane, wrapped present or snowman in the corner of your pages? You can always manipulate these icons to follow your branding colours and continue clear brand identity. However, the symbolism of the icons continues and represent your business following the holiday season.
Christmas themed background for your site

If you’re feeling extra festive and creative, you could implement a themed background on to your website that will instantly signify Christmas to visitors. Similarly to the above, you can also customise the themes to follow your brand colours!

Festive themed social buttons

It is often the small details that round a theme, therefore why not make your social sharing buttons a bauble, tree or stars? This subtle mark towards the family season could be the main event or cherry on the cake for your website this Christmas. Remember to always decorate your site according to your brand and desired image.
Decorate the navigation bar

As mentioned, having the theme above the fold will mean your involvement is instantly known to visitors. A part that appears on nearly every single page of your website, the navigation bar. By having the theme incorporated into this aspect means visitors always see the Christmas spirit regardless of where they enter the site.
Holiday themed logo

In order to spread your involvement further than just the website, why not tweak your logo to include a Christmas symbol. A common favourite is Santa’s hat, often being worn by the majority of brands throughout the holiday period. If you would like to follow this tradition but do something a bit different, why not use other stand out icons such as candles, reindeers, snowflakes, bells etc.
Finally, send a Christmas card!

Essentially, sometimes going old school is best. With inbound marketing being focused on building relationships with customers, what better than a traditional Christmas card. Be as creative as you would like, but ensure that it represents you. Why not create bespoke business Christmas cards this year?


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