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RESOURCES > Part 2 - Amazon: The New No.1 Search Engine?

Part 2 - Amazon: The New No.1 Search Engine?

If you want to find out how you can easily speedup the ranking process, you have come to the right place. Our friends over at Estuary Digital have encapsulated how to do this in their blog- thanks guys! For all those looking to rank high, keep reading.


“Did you know that Amazon is creeping up on Google as being the most used search engine? If not, you should. If you are offering a product/service it may be time to get on Amazon; 56% of US, UK, German and French shoppers use Amazon as a starting point… time to set up a profile.


Now you know why you may need to set up a seller account, it is time to discuss how you can easily step up the ranking process on Amazon. Essentially, in order to build a presence you need to increase your SALES VELOCITY. This is basically the speed at which you are selling- the best way to increase this quickly? Advertising.


Advertising is the key to increase in sales, Amazon recognise this and offer different types of paid advertising that any seller can utilise:


Headline Search Ads

Product Display Ads

Sponsored Products


Headline search ads are banner ads that appear at the top of search results and in product displays. 


Product display ads display in a range of places, but mainly within the product detail page, beneath the ‘buy’ box. 



Perhaps the most worthwhile, sponsored products are product/service ads that are still relevant to the searcher’s query and appear at the top of search results. This is described as one of the most powerful as stats show how important it is to appear on the first page of results in regards to the number of clicks and purchases. Example:


Amazon provides a clear and easy to understand document that outlines the ins and outs of each ad option; including benefits, tips and costs that anyone looking to start paid advertising should look at!”


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