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The Importance Of Company Christmas Cards

With the role of online taking over nearly all aspects of businesses, it is time to question whether removing company Christmas cards from the festive campaign is a good idea. In this blog, we discuss why physical cards are more important than ever!
Essentially, sometimes going old school is best

With inbound marketing being focused on building relationships with customers, what better than a traditional Christmas card. Ask yourself this, how would you feel if a close friend sent you a birthday email rather than a birthday card? We predict you would feel that little effort was put in as they did not take the time to hand write a personal message to you. Same goes for Christmas cards! Allow yourself to be positioned as a friend rather than a corporate business and you will reap the benefits.
Personalisation is key

The process of personalisation and effort provokes an emotional response by recipients, something that can very rarely be mimicked through an online piece of content. Christmas is the season of togetherness, what better way to produce this than a festive card.
2018: The year of reflection

For many, the end of the year means you will look back and reflect on the ups and the downs. Do not let your business be pushed to the naughty list! Remind customers, clients, visitors etc that you are a brand they should be collaborating with, whether that be as a follower, customer or partner. If you are additionally sending it to potential audiences, this may be a great way to finalise their decision of your business.
Being different is great

Being able to position yourself as different from your competitors can highlight an individuality that sticks with customers/clients. Sometimes, even going against trends can work significantly well for your business. For example, nearly everything is online nowadays. We highly doubt your competitor will take the time to hand write cards when they can send a bulk email… ding ding ding, you’re up. By grasping this opportunity to stand out from the crowd, you will more than likely reap the benefits.
How to choose your card

Yes, the Christmas card will be a statement in itself. However, you need to ensure it follows your branding so that it is instantly recognisable to recipients that it was YOU that sent them that card. Be as creative as you would like, but ensure that it represents you.
Why not create bespoke business Christmas cards this year?

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