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RESOURCES > The Key Stages Of HubSpot’s Flywheel (AKA The New Sales Funnel) Explained

The Key Stages Of HubSpot’s Flywheel (AKA The New Sales Funnel) Explained

The Key Stages Of HubSpot’s Flywheel (AKA The New Sales Funnel) Explained


Now that the previous sales funnel has been replaced by the flywheel, it is important you understand the stages of the wheel and how they can affect how your business gathers, develops and nurtures leads. Keep reading to find out.

Quick recap about the flywheel. It is necessary to know that it is a machine that is continuously using energy and momentum to spin continuously rather than a funnel that does not repeat circularly. The funnel simply has one exit route, therefore the implementation of the flywheel has meant the customer stages have developed. Although the basis of them remain, they are no longer a singular route to the next stage, all will now communicate in order to have as many and repeated positive experiences as possible.


This is where potential leads enter the flywheel. They will interact with your business for the first time, for example, find your social media profile, go on to your website, sign up for your newsletter etc. It is your responsibility to provide them with the information required in order to make the next step, but do not be pushy as you may do the opposite as intended. Mostly, you will need to provide them with value in correlation to the issue they wish to resolve. Ensure all barriers are removed so that a smooth initiation is completed.


Now the potential lead knows about your business, you have provided them with value and made the process as smooth as possible, they will now be interested but not committed to becoming a customer. You still have work to do in order to do this, you will need to make decision making and purchasing as easy as possible. To do this, you need to be able to engage with them on their preferred channels and at their preferred time, do not make them wait as they will become restless and flee.


Now your lead has officially become a customer, they have the potential to become a promoter of your company. The method of word of mouth should never be underestimated, as society changes so do the methods that are most effective. Now word of mouth has become top of the list, the introduction of the flywheel is necessary for business growth. Your success relies on your customer’s success, therefore use resources for every stage of the customer journey rather than just the beginning.

HubSpot’s blog gives a great step-by-step guide on what you can do as a business, you can find that information here.

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