Why You Need Both A Domain Name And Website Hosting

We have discussed what is meant by a domain name and what is meant by website hosting. Now you are educated on what they are, it is time to discuss why you need both in order to for your website to thrive.

07 Heaven’s Top 6 Benefits Of Having A Business Facebook Page

Facebook was one of the first social media networks to truly captivate the world with over one billion active users. The sheer number of users widely outshines any other social media network. Instagram has over 800 million, Twitter has over 319 million, Snapchat has over 150 million and LinkedIn has over 467 million- clear evidence of Facebook's authority in the world of social media. In this post, we have collated 6 of the most prominent benefits of having a business FB page, keep reading to find out.

The Dangers Of Self Certified SSL Certificates

Many companies toy with the idea of a self-signed SSL Certificate instead of using a verified Certificate Authority due to the price difference. However, most do not realise any respectful hosting provider would not charge extortionate prices for a monthly SSL deal. A self-signed certificate is free, therefore is tempting when you do not know why you need to have an appropriately authorised certificate. Although cheaper short term, long term they will result in higher fees to pay as the risk of sensitive information breaches increases.

A Basic Explanation On ‘What Is An IP Address’

Here is a breakdown of the term:

Facebook Chat Plugin: Why You Need To Embed It Onto Your Website

Did you know Facebook has over 1.2 billion active monthly users? It has become a part of nearly everyone’s daily lives, therefore whenever Facebook announces a new feature we know it is going to shake the world, especially the marketing industry. As the platform has progressed from a purely social network to a promotion place for businesses to market to their customers, they have implemented a range of methods to push visitors to engage with a brand- the chat plugin seems to seal that deal.

Elementor Plugin: How It Can Benefit Your WordPress Site

Did you know Elementor is the #1 WordPress page builder? Yep, you heard it, it has over 900,000 users which benefit from the ease of design as well as being free! Free software is always great. There is the option to pay a price in order to gain even more benefits, this makes it ideal for anyone with any budget.

9 Ideas For Twitter Lists For Your Business

We have previously spoken about Twitter Lists, now we will provide you with 9 ideas on how to use Twitter lists to benefit your business. There are many advantages to using this social media option, so why not utilise it? Especially because it is free!

Wordpress: There Is A New Plugin In Town

Cybersecurity is vital for anyone with a website. Software which can protect your WordPress site from compromised passwords is a dream… we are here to tell you your dreams are now a reality with iThemes Security plugin.

One of the easiest ways for attackers to hack into a website is to use compromised passwords, they require little effort and can mean access within minutes. You have put a tremendous amount of time, energy and money into your website- why let a dodgy password jeopardise that?

Magento Commerce Is Again, A Leader For Gartner Magic Quadrant for Digital Commerce

“Magento has several offerings in addition to the base commerce platform, including solutions for OM (offering memorandum/ investing), data and analytics, social selling, B2B (business to business) commerce, and CPQ (configure, price and quote). Its recently released WCM (web content management) functionality is available today as an extension, to be integrated to the core product in 2018.” - Gartner Magic Quadrant for Digital Commerce

How SSL Certificates Can Affect Your Search Rank

Recently Google announced that switching your website over to the HTTPS protocol would give it a boost in ranking. Any opportunity to improve rank should be grasped with two hands as your search engine rank position is detrimental to a business and their website. First, it is important to know what SSL certificates are, and the levels available linked are some valuable sources! In this post we discuss how SSL certificates can directly affect your search engine rank, so listen up.


With the amount of options available for a business to boost their appearance online, it can often feel quite overwhelming as to what social media accounts are suitable, when they should be posted from, and what content should be shared across them. 

5 Reasons Why Your Website May CRASH

Website crashes are a common problem in the world of the internet. The last thing any respectful business wants is their website to go down, but there are complications which sometimes cannot be avoided no matter how good your hosting provider is. The crashes are often contributed to similar issues which this blog post aims to discuss and try making your website work for you.

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