3 Biggest SEO Mistakes You May Be Making

With the constant evolution of SEO, it really is very easy to be left behind. Here are a few SEO mistakes that are easy to make, that you can hopefully now avoid.

1. You Aren't Using Webmaster Resources

There are many different tools and resources to help your site's visibility online. Make sure you use them.

Along with Google providing webmaster tools, they also provide many articles, blogs and videos. Use them to keep up to date, while also enhancing your knowledge and aptitude. 

Last year, while Google raked in over 67% of search engine market shares in the US, Yahoo and Bing came in a combined total just shy of 29% according to Statistic Brain. Make sure you are also using Bing's own webmaster tools!

2. You Aren't Using Words People Search For

Make sure your pages are full of phrases that people may search for, not just key words!

For example, Google's Distinguished Engineer, Matt Cutts said, "if you have a page about Mount Everest's elevation, you wouldn't just put the words 'Mount Everest elevation' – you'd want to use words like "how high is Mount Everest" because people are going to type that into the search box. Or, a restaurant website should include its menu in plain text, not just a PDF, and include its business hours".

3. Focusing Too Much on Link Building

Are you worrying too much on Link Building? Then you may not be focusing enough on quality content and marketing of your site.

"I wouldn't put too much of a tunnel vision focus on just links," Cutts said. "I would try to think instead about what I can do to market my website to make it more well known within my community, or more broadly, without only thinking about search engines."

So, rather than just building links to please search engines, the better way is to make sure your content is compelling and engaging. If you give people a reason to talk and share your content, they will. This is much more effective. A tip is to consider why people would want to use your site. 

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