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5 Reasons Customers Can Be A Source Of Ecommerce Content Creation

We've all heard of the benefits of using content as a strategy to grow, engage and convert visitors to loyal customers. Google with every update is pushing more and more for websites to prove they are worth their top spot with great content. You know content is important when the spam that slips through is even talking about content creation :)

Unlike other tactics such as keywords, PPC, or back linking, great content cannot be gained merely with a budget. This can be seen as both a blessing and a curse.


It means those with smaller budgets can compete if they have a genuine desire to share great content, but on the flip side it means you have to come up with this great content. Even outsourcing takes some input and imagination from yourself, unless you are lucky enough to have a marketing company help you out (shameless plug).


Relax, there is someone that knows your products and will help you great content. Thats right your customers know your product, know what they want it can do and what it can't. They have more people and resources than your company or any agency. Best of all, they work for free.

Here is why you should open up your ecommerce marketing to you customers

1) Customers Know the Customer

Too often you are the worst person to write your own blog or copy. As sellers we find it easy to speak in jargon, specifications and features. But your current customers see your company through the same eyes as future customers. They talk about benefits, frustration, dreams and possibilities. Each feedback is a story that, if targeted, can connect with an individual buyer persona (targeted ideal customer).



2) Customers Are Trusted

Whenever you enter a store, whether it's brick and mortar or oline, think of who you would trust more: Another shopper or the person with the company name tag? Not having a financial incentive provides an added sense of trust. Even seeing someone as on "your side" of the cash register provides an affinity that no sales copy can overcome. Even more persuasive is when the conversations take place off your premises. Recommendations on social media, forums and even in comment sections of blogs can have a great influence on buyer behavior.



3) Customers Are Creative

An engineering professor once told me, "As the designer you try to be smart, but you'll never trump the creativity of the user." This is because the experience and life view within you and your company is very limited. Even if you try to expand your creativity by hiring an agency, your view will be bigger, yet still contained. Expanding the number of people contributing expands the creativity. While some contributions may not fit the brand guidelines for being presented on your site, most will encourage others to try new ideas and further their creativity.



4) Customers Are Scalable

The amount of customer-driven content on your site is a factor of how many customers you have and what percentage of them are sharing and creating content. And both factors can be improved with time. As your company grows, the customer base should also. More importantly, reaching out to customers and encouraging them to contribute will have the quickest and most lasting impact on your ability to produce a flood of content.



5) Customers Are Passionate

Avid customers are more engaged and passionate about a product or brand than many of the companies’ paid employees. Don't believe it; just test it. Once you’ve started your customer-driven content campaign, don't pay your internal content creators this week and see what happens. ;) Paid internal content will stop, but your user-driven content will continue. Customers do not produce content in posts, comments, blogs or even video for the pay. They create and share because of their passion and belief. With both small and large businesses it is hard to keep that content production line going, so why not get your customers to help out. It not only helps with your Search Engine Optimisation, but also helps them communicate how they are feeling so that you can keep improving. As an extra tip if you have these people (raving fans) creating content, do not forget to reward them :)


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