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Beginner E-commerce: The Difference Between Upselling And Cross-selling

Beginner E-commerce: The Difference Between Upselling And Cross-selling


You may have heard of ‘upselling’ and ‘cross-selling’, but do you know what they mean and their differences? Today we aim to educate you on these terms and therefore improve your e-commerce site’s ability to re-sell to customers.


This is the process of appealing to customers for them to purchase the ‘better’ product, therefore more expensive than the original they were hoping to buy. As a result, users feel more pleased with their product as they have been personally informed to make a better purchase for them. The focus is on value for the customer, developing their initial purchase desires to benefit them (and you!).


This is the process of highlighting other products that will be of additional value to them. As well as being an additional purchase, this process can also make users more sure of making their decision on whether to buy. This is done through strategic placement, based on personal information collated by the CRM (customer relationship management) system.

It will depend on your target audience, business objectives and history on which of the above are most appropriate to develop your sales figures. As an e-commerce business, you rely on sales in order to survive, therefore adopting one (or even both) of the techniques will be able to provide a clear sense of return on investment whilst pleasing customers- everyone wins.

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