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Can I Take My Own Website Photography?

We always get asked if company's can do the blogging and website photography themselves. We always say if you cannot make the small investment in a professional photographer for half a day to build a portfolio up, then of course. Where as yours may not be the same level, you may have a skilled photographer on staff, tehy will convey something that stock images wont, your brand. Brand is so important in building trust with your existing and potential clients, especially through mediums like the web. We would say that in most cases your own amateur photos are better than stock images.


Stock Imagery


Stock photography is free but as a result the quality is not at the standard of a professional or at the very least, not as good as the one’s taken by the company. Hiring a photographer to take photographs of the images you need is the best approach, however, taking the photos yourself is also fine so long as the images are of high quality.


It can be easy to find the image you need given that stock photo websites have such a wide variety of images from which to choose. Using stock images is quick and easy but it’s not always relevant.


The downside to using stock photography is the lack of exclusivity. Since royalty free stock photography is readily available and doesn’t cost unlike custom photography, it is more likely that someone else may use the same image as you. Some stock images can also look clichéd or dated. When choosing images for an important marketing campaign or website launch, most businesses want images that are new and fresh. Using stock imagery could dilute the uniqueness of your message.


Tips On Do-It-Yourself Photo’s


Use your smartphone to take lots of images of the finished project. For example a beautiful patio with the sun reflecting off it. Those photos can be easily emailed through the smartphone.


If you interact with customers, take photos of their experience and exchange and share photos. For example a coach driver takes photos of the group outside the theme park and the group share their photos with the coach company via social media.


Think of what your customers want to see. Not just the finished job but the process and the start. A professional looking landscaping operation with bricks neatly stacked up and a generally organised workforce is much more attractive than an unprofessional approach.


Improve staff morale by involving them with the photography and they will come up with plenty of ideas on what to take pictures of. Let them have fun and it will resonate with the quality of images.


When building a website or writing a up to date and relevant blog you need a wide variety of images from in the field to the office. Don’t hesitate to take some images of what you might think is irrelevant, chances are it wont be.


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