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The Benefits Of Email Newsletters

With emails clogging up your inbox and generally being a nuisance, email newsletters are often considered an unnecessary evil.

This can be the case when the recipient has not opted in knowingly, or even if the newsletter is not aimed or tailored to the recipients needs or interests. If you think of newsletters like this and allow them to be tainted by your own experiences with them, then that is a mistake that could cost you invaluable marketing research and/or sales leads.


First of all the list of email subscribers for your newsletter must be genuinely interested customers or clients. You might think more email addresses will always be better, but this is not the case. Most email distributers will charge depending on the amount of subscribers, so bare this in mind and don’t waste your money.



There are many key benefits to sending an email newsletter here are a few:


  • 1) It’s an extremely quick, cost-effective way to communicate with your subscribers (compared to hard printed copies).

  • 2) It increases your business’s brand and reputation – showcasing your authority and industry knowledge.

  • 3) It extends the loyalty and commitment of your customer base, which can continue to evolve.

  • 4) It offers results immediately that can be analysed in great detail.

  • 5) It identifies old or unused email addresses.

  • 6) It ensures a higher response rate due to the subscribers being a researched target audience.

  • 7) It enhances your overall marketing, advertising and sales agenda.

  • 8) It is perfect for adding links back to specific pages on your site or blog, encouraging quality, targeted traffic to the pages you choose.

  • 9) It serves as a fantastic tool for promotional content, competitions and news feeds.

  • 10) It can be used as an online press release to extend your media reach.


As you can see sending email newsletters is really a no-brainer, if you're not sending them monthly you should ask yourself why not. We offer this service so please feel free to contact us on info@07heavendesign.co.uk or give us a call on 01702 462667.