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Tips To Create A Screencast Video

A screencast video is typically a video that records the movement on your screen, so it does not involve any complicated procedure or heavy camera equipment. This type of screencast videoing is an excellent stage to use for guides/tutorials on complicated procedures. These types videos are easy to create and follow, so have a high popularity, given that the content recorded is high quality. However, it is very easy to make silly mistakes which may result in your simple screencast not being as effective as it could be. So, here are a few tips to help you make sure your video reaches its full potential. You wouldn’t want to have all that hard work wasted.



Create a transcript



Many people have this misconception that just because their face doesn’t appear on the camera that they do not need to prepare for the video properly. This is not the case. You are as likely to stumble on a few words off camera as you are on or even forget what you were saying! That would make shooting video take a lot longer and unnecessary time wasted. By creating a transcript with some key points noted down about what you want to go through, will make sure that you make the most of the video and reduce the likelihood of you having to conduct retakes.



Use a tool like ScreenFlow



These tools are relatively priced so cost is not be such a big issue. Having professional software that records audio on the screen well will maintain the quality in your videos. Clients will not waste there time watching a video of bad sound or picture quality. In fact, no sound is better than poor sound.



Use a quiet room



Most obviously you would want to record in a room that’s quiet and has no echoing so your audience can hear you clearly. If your audience struggles to hear you they’ll move onto a different video immediately. In addition, it does not sound professional, if your audience can hear people in the background talking they will have doubts whether your information is trustworthy, putting you at a disadvantage even before you have properly started the video.



Do not multi-task on your screen



Stay focused on your main task, having many windows open that are not necessary for the video you are recording will look untidy and make it harder for you to record the video because you will be spending so much time finding the right files. This neat look retains a professional look to your video.

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