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Detecting, Repairing and Profiting From Underperforming Content

We should all be aware that not every piece of content we create is going to be extremely successful. It is also very discouraging to see content underperforming, however the real issue arises...

3 Quick Tips to Help Your Blog

We are all aware that blogging is great, if not essential, for business and SEO. However a lot of businesses are reluctant to blog or struggle with the idea of content creation.

5 Reasons Customers Can Be A Source Of Ecommerce Content Creation

We've all heard of the benefits of using content as a strategy to grow, engage and convert visitors to loyal customers. Google with every update is pushing more and more for websites to prove they...

Real or Fake? The CG Program That Makes it Hard to Tell!

In many films you see CG (computer graphics). Some look faker than others. But how is it done and which are real or fake? I have been playing around with a program called Cinema 4D.  This is a 3d...