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5 Tips On Optimising Images For Your Website & Blog

There is no doubt that images on your website, in addition to content, can enhance your SEO if done correctly. Just like content, Google can index images and make them available in organic search.

How To Get More Traffic To Your Website

So, you have had a great website built for you, hoping that it would solve your marketing worries and bring in lots of new business.


That has not happened and you are not sure why. Now that...

Bounce Rates! What Is Bounce Rate And how Can I Lower It?

When you look at your Google analytics tool you will see the words Bounce Rate and a percentage score next to it. This is a really important metric for you to be tracking for your website and ...

What Is A Landing Page?

There are a lot of different definitions floating around out there. The biggest difference I often hear is the term "landing page" being used to refer to any page on a website.