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Why You Should Use A Business Photographer

Company's have been debating for years on whether it is worth the investment of hiring a professional photographer to take unique photos of their business. We are very happy to work with either stock or bespoke images when creating content and marketing materials, so we are impartial. If we were asked which would recommend, it would be bespoke photos for your business the majority of the time. Even as far as saying some of the time photos taken by a non professional are better than using stock images.

Both sides of the argument;
Stock Imagery


Most of the time using stock photography costs a lot less than hiring a photographer to take photographs of the images you need. It can be easy to find the image you need given that stock photo websites have such a wide variety of images from which to choose. Using stock images is quick and easy, and when you purchase the license online, you can download the image right away.

The downside to using stock photography is the lack of exclusivity. Since royalty free stock photography is readily available and less expensive than custom photography, it is more likely that someone else may use the same image as you. Some stock images can also look clichéd or dated. When choosing images for an important marketing campaign or website launch, most businesses want images that are new and fresh. Using stock imagery could dilute the uniqueness of your message.


Professional Photographer


Custom photography is created with an intended use in mind and can feel like a more natural approach, as the photographer you hire can capture situations unique to your company and brand. A business photographer can make your business look original and unique, while conveying the messages of your brand.

Obviously, hiring a business photographer will have larger initial costs than using stock photos, and it will take time to plan and execute any necessary photo shoots.

Why we recommend professional;


Hiring a business photographer need not be an expensive investment, unless you have multiple sites or in need of product photography the cost should not be too much. First think of all the instances you use or could use photos of your business for all the marketing materials and internal use. Make a list of the shots that you would like to get and list how you would like them. Then speak to a photographer and see how long that these will take them to shoot, also ask for their opinion and advice on other shoots that will enhance your brand. When your list is complete work out what the price is per photo that you need and then compare to a stock photography website. There will be hardly any difference in the price if you need a reasonable amount of photos and the upside that these will be yours to do with as you please.


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