St. Christophers - Website ReBuild

We had to do this Website ReBuild becouse they asked for a CMS system, We have added a new backend CMS system for the St. Chtistophers School Website, we had to remake all pages of the website and make them look like the old website, with the new CMS system that we have added they can now edit all text and images on all pages, add new pages and a holl lot more, We have use WordPress for the CMS system for this website as it a free and easy to use and custom your website in a matter of minuses with no coding needed.

King Edmunds Work Experience at 07 Heaven

Work experience helped give me a taste of the working world and an insight into a career path I thought I was interested in. For these reasons we arealways happy to help school students out when we can by trying to give them a realistic impression of our working week.

07 Heaven Marketing Pancake Day

It's pancake day, or shrove Tuesday, depending on how you look at it! To us at 07 Heaven Design it's definitely pancake day. We aim to shoot out this lunch and grab all the ingredients necessary to really celebrate this special day… Fingers crossed that there isn’t a maple syrup shortage! We have some steps that we will be following that may help you also, these include a recipe and a step by step on how to flip a pancake like a pro, it can go wrong very easily which can waste this carb heavy goodness.

07 Heaven Digital Marketing - A Re-Brand

At 07 Heaven Digital Marketing we are proud creators and advisors of branding and design. We utilise our expertise and offer the best solution for your business and it's ever growing future. 

Charity Football Match - Managers VS Apprentices

On Thursday 25th September, I-tech arrange a exhibition game where apprentices got a chance to play a football match against their line managers.

Footfalls Physiotherapy Services: Shop Signage

Starting a new business can be a very stressful time especially when seeking to gain public awareness of your new business.. A key way to gain public attention is high quality shop signage

Parkanaur Construction

Google loves quality content, it is simply the best SEO tactic there is out there. This is particularly effective when used regularly with blogging. Professional content creation is a no-brainer!

Body By Nature

When creating and designing an E-commerce website, there needs to be a strong relationship between us and the client. 


Business cards, even in this digital age, are hugely important in face to face meetings. A business card touches people in a more tangible way than an email. It's an instant reminder of the meeting and the benefits you can offer.


Stationery printing is of the upmost importance to guarantee consistanancy throughout company branding. Having an eye catching design to use throughout your business is highly beneficial.

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