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Ray Extreme

Ray Extreme is a website that documents the amazing, and ultimate challanges that Ray Woodcock has taken on over the years. From setting the world record for the highest jump with a full body submersion into water with a leap from 465ft to climbing Kilamanjaro, we defintely aren't doubting the name of the website!

07 Heaven design were responsible for building and designing the Ray Extreme site, and it made us all feel a bit lazy really! At 71, Ray set the Guinness World Record for his 380ft bungee jump into water and set the record mentioned above at 73.  We wanted to create a website that would really capture the incredible challenges that Ray has completed. 

As you can see from the snippet below, we put a heavy focus on bold imaging, and listed all of Ray's acheivements and offerings on the side, so although the image makes a bold statement, the available information can be easily accessed. 




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