Young Enterprise Sponsorship Of The Business Website Development Award

At 07 Heaven we believe in giving back as much as possible and the Young Enterprise is a great scheme we are proud to support.


While at school, I was involved in the Young Enterprise scheme and found it very enlightening about the work that goes into running a business. Now I know it was a very tiny view, but then it has now been 9 years since I started.


Many of us dream about running our own company and being our own boss. This scheme allows the school children to get first-hand experience of the different elements that make up running a business. The teams at each school are given a budget to invest how they see fit. They are asked to come up with a business plan and then to action that business plan to create a profit.


One of the elements of the business is that they need to create a website meeting certain criteria. This was the area that we sponsored and at the award ceremony we were asked to present an award to the winning school. This was judged by the whole 07 team and put under the same scrutiny that we put every website that we produce through. The standards were impressive with a winner and 3 honourable mentions.

We hope to continue our support of this and have begun talks to assist getting the scheme into other schools within the local area.


If you think this is a worthwhile cause and would like to offer any assistance, then please feel free to contact us for more information.


2016-05-06 13:28:00
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